How to Mitigate Stress in Your Workplace

Here are a few tips for helping employee manage stress in your workplace while encouraging a culture of mental and physical health:

Do What You Say

Don’t just give lip service to stress reduction at work, take action. Instead of telling employees they should be meditating, create a quiet space at work and start a meditation group. It doesn’t require an instructor or special equipment, just a quiet place to sit. Gather a small group, queue up a mindfulness practice and hit play.

Other ideas that take a little more effort: offering yoga classes, on-site massage or counseling services.

Allow for Social Support

Social ties mitigate stress. So does the sense of belonging to a bigger purpose. Create a wellness program that combines the two.

Social interaction through a digital platform like a company shared journal connects people who may not normally interact and help everyone feel included in the bigger company mission. Friendship and laughter are wonderful qualities at a place of work.

Always Assess

Wellbeing coordinators should be continually assessing the state of their population through personal interaction, communication tools and surveys.

Signs that an employee may be highly stressed include changes in attendance, performance and mood.

Maintaining regular contact keeps them connected with their population and able to identify opportunities to engage with employees who are struggling.

Stress is unavoidable and no two employees will react to it in the same way but helping them build resilience to handle the stress they face can make all the difference in the world.

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