Using An Intuitive Digital Platform To Replace Onsite Screenings Amid COVID- 19

In these times of COVID-19 where onsite screenings are harder to administer safely and isolation has increased, a robust wellness digital platform can keep your wellness program invigorated and your participants connected.

Many wellness programs rely on annual biometric screenings as a basis for their interventions, programming, and incentives. BSDI offers Motivation Alliance®, a powerful, comprehensive integrated digital platform that uses a personalized approach for engagement, provides targeted interventions and rich educational content as well as a fun and supportive social experience.

Personalization and a tailored approach are pivotal components of BSDI’s strategy for increasing member engagement. A configurable and easy-to-navigate dashboard with an array of targeted communication features allows for program focuses and interaction to be designed with your members’ needs in mind. Furthermore, an amazing UI is more than just pretty graphics and well-chosen fonts: it is a way of seamlessly tying together a diverse set of features into a coherent and intuitive package that is easy and enjoyable to navigate. Beyond our impressive and functional feature set, BSDI’s commitment to both beauty and functionality has always been one of the qualities clients love most about our software.

Motivation Alliance provides targeted information, activities and programs to users based on their responses to assessments and other collected data.  For instance, the software might suggest an Interactive Learning Program or Daily Pursuit related to Managing Stress or participating in one of sixteen Mindfulness Practices if a user has indicated that their stress level is impacting their health. This is one of many examples.

Motivation Alliance® is rich with digital health education content, targeted interventions, and an array of engaging functionality, giving your community of users a reason to keep coming back and stay connected.  Based on the foundations of Move, Nourish, Reflect and Thrive, our Daily Pursuits make achieving health goals accessible and fun! After a brief quiz, users are presented with personalized daily pursuits aligning with their stated health goals. To build healthy habits, users also have the option to choose Habit Pursuits that focus on building a habit over several weeks.

During this time of increased isolation and remote school and office work, Motivation Alliance can help your participants stay connected.  As the name implies, the Motivation Alliance is a social experience: users and their Allies work together to improve their health. For example, participants can post in Chronicles and share kudos with other players to recognize their successes. Our array of Individual and Team Challenges also supports this initiative with a playful interface, messaging boards, healthy competition, and automated engagement communications.  By supporting a deep social interface with gamified support for working together, Motivation Alliance offers a uniquely personalized experience and approach to wellness.

Motivation Alliance can provide the boost your wellness program needs by delivering a fresh, user-friendly digital engagement platform for your participants that can easily replace traditional programs relying on biometric data for intervention. Connect with us today to learn more!

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