Welcoa 2016 Worksite Wellness Buyer’s Guide

The 2016 Welcoa Worksite Wellness Buyer’s Guide is here and BSDI is once again proud to be a featured Premier Provider. It is BSDI’s 9th year as a Wellness Council of America Premier Provider and we are excited to bring our experience and expertise to the wellness industry.

This year’s Buyer’s Guide features the Motivation Alliance® health promotion portal on pages 81 to 84. Motivation Alliance is our comprehensive and highly configurable technology solution that gives you the power to make positive change. The Alliance provides the tools you need to design and implement a successful wellness program and create a culture of health.

Visit our 2016 Premier Provider Profile to find out why BSDI is an award-winning leader in health promotion technology and how we can help you motivate your employees to lead healthier, more active lives!

Dowload the complete 2016 Welcoa Worksite Wellness Buyer’s Guide (PDF) and contact BSDI today to learn more about our flexible solutions for your wellness program.

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