Will Professional Development Take Your Career To The Next Level In 2021?

A new year can seem like a new chapter… and although this unfortunately does not mean that the challenges that came with the previous year just magically disappear in the New Year, it is still an excellent time to reflect and intentionally set goals for the upcoming 12 months. 

For us, that means that the COVID-19 Pandemic did not suddenly end when the clock struck midnight.  After thinking through everything you learned, experienced, and adapted to in 2020 (and let’s be honest – it was a lot), it may be time to begin setting goals for 2021.  For those working in the health and wellness field, consider professional development to be one of those goals.

This virus changed how we do practically everything – from how we work and go to school to how interact with our friends – and how we stay healthy and run wellness programs is not excluded.  The pandemic has drastically and indefinitely altered the field’s landscape.  The importance of professional development is therefore crucial for wellness coordinators this year.

Professional development is the continuing education and training after an individual has entered the workplace to improve their skillset, stay informed on new trends and research, and build their careers.  This can include attending conferences, earning relevant certifications, attending trainings and webinars, and maintaining or pursuing additional academic degrees.

Looking ahead, what would be the most effective way to engage your participants this year?  As a wellbeing coordinator or program manager, you know your population best.  Continuing your education and learning what trends to expect can only help you more efficiently administer your program and, in turn, support your participants.  It will also help prepare you for any changes in your population needs.  For example, there has recently been a noticeably higher demand for virtual fitness, resiliency programs, and mental health support.

If you’re not sure how to stay up to date in this everchanging field, checking out established wellness organizations is a great place to start.  Many of these organizations even offer memberships with various benefits such as free or discounted content, trainings, networking opportunities, and more!  See below for some examples and ideas to pursue.

Some Routes to Consider:
Descriptions have been pulled from the respective linked website.  Click the links for more information.

Know of another valuable development opportunity to share with other wellness programmers? We’d love to hear from you! Add it to the comments below.

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